I will make this review very short and sweet. If you are a fan of Ms. Allende, and love characters as I do, I have little doubt you will be disappointed with her “Of love And Shadows.”

There might not be as many great characters as in previous novels that I have read by this extremely talented writer, but there are enough to satisfy a ‘character driven fanatic like myself.’

The name of the country in the story is never mentioned, other than it is a South American country that is run by a military dictatorship that has run amok with power, after overthrowing a democratically elected socialist government. The atrocities remind me of the atrocities discovered in
in El Salvador during the 1980’s.

The two main characters, Irene Beltran, a disheveled but beautiful journalist working for a magazine, and Francisco Leal, a psychologist turned photographer, form an investigative partnership that uncover the dark, horrific acts of the police and government, and in turn, become a target of those police and government.

Their partnership slowly turns into a romance, and the story turns into a suspenseful thriller that leaves one guessing to the end.

Unlike all her other novels I have read, the Catholic Church nor the U.S. government are involved in any of the nefarious activities that take place.

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