At an Ethical Conference on Gene Editing an individual approached the brilliant doctor Jennifer A. Doudna and told her that he had three sisters at the moment suffering terribly from a genetic disease that would shortly take their lives. He could not understand how anybody who has ever seen someone suffering from such diseases could find anything wrong with the gene editing process that by simply changing a letter in one’s DNA to match its opposite letter could put an end to so many dastardly genetic diseases.

The answer seems simple, at least to me, who like billions of other people have seen friends and relatives suffer and die from genetic diseases. Imagine a world where we could eliminate so many childhood cancers, cystic fibrosis, blindness, sickle cell anemia, HIV and God knows how many other diseases with a process that has come to be known as “CRISPR.” CRISPR, a revolutionary technology that Dr. Doudna help create, and was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in chemistry in 2020, that makes heritable changes in one’s DNA that would make a genetic disease like sickle cell anemia never infect a person who was destined to suffer from the agonizing disorder.

Well, that technology has arrived and if you don’t believe it just look up what the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines, that have proven so effective against the covid-19 virus, are made up of and which has cured cases of HIV and sickle cell anemia. What is so amazing, is how simple it really is according to Dr. Doudna and thousands of other scientists and researches.

But like the vaccines against Covid-19, there are many critics who say we should not mess around with the evolutionary process or that it’s against God’s will. I don’t agree with them and the only real drawback to this amazing technology is the possibility that humans will use it to make ‘better’ offspring…more intelligent, muscular, and naturally more beautiful children.

Last year, I said the most important book I read was Walter Isaacson’s “The Code Breaker,” which was mostly about Dr. Doudna, the scientists, and researchers who have help create this technology. Mr. Isaacson’s book definitely helped me understand Dr. Doudna and Dr. Sternberg’s book, especially the first half that dealt with terms that would have been difficult to understand if I had not read Mr. Isaacson’s book.

“A Crack in Creation,” and the technology of CRISPR might seem unthinkable to many people, but for me it might very well be the most important scientific and medical discovery in many and many of years…if not the most important medical breakthrough in centuries.

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