This book was nothing short of an absolute joy to read. I have read a number of Mr. Talese’s books, a couple that I consider classics such as “The Kingdom and the Power” about the great NY Times, and “Honor thy Father” about the Bonanno crime family, and his portraits and stories about such legends as Frank Sinatra, Prize fighters, and ballplayers that have won him numerous awards.

“The Bridge: The Building Of the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge (the 50th anniversary edition) is another classic, with amazing photography and illustrations, and rich and powerful stories about the Ironworkers working at unimaginable heights on this amazing bridge over a span of five years.

Mr. Talese pays scant attention to the architects and the blueprints and concentrates on the workers who actually built these amazing structures, the danger involved in such jobs, the moving from one job to another with little recognition for their great accomplishments, and the comradeship that exist among this group of Ironworkers. This is a book about the grunts, the working class men who risk their lives and the ones that make such structures possible, and who51Xq7nPww4L._SX391_BO1,204,203,200_ take the dreams of architects and bring them to life. Strongly, Strongly recommend.

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