“Home” by Toni Morrison lacks the amazing and breathtaking descriptions in so many of her other books. It lacks the many fascinating, well-developed characters in her other books, and it lacks the magical and lyrical backdrop that she is so famous for, but what it doesn’t lack is its brilliance.

“Home” is a short novel, 147 pages, and the word count is probably one-fourth her usual word count in books like “Paradise” and “Beloved.” Frank, is a Korean war veteran who with two other friends joins the army to get away from their rural hometown of Lotus. His two friends are killed in Korea, and on returning to the states he is traumatized by their deaths and what he experienced on the battlefield. Before leaving for the army, his main concern in life was taking care of his younger sister Cee. She is the only reason he would ever even think about going back to the town of Lotus.

Frank receives a letter that unless he comes back to Lotus he most likely will never see his sister alive again because she is deadly sick. He goes back in the hope of rescuing her, and in so doing finds needed definition to his life.

This novel is powerful, told in a simple narrative, and it will leave you asking question after question about what truly constitutes HOME. Ms. Morrison is a treasure, an amazing talent.91Fgo30BaDL._AC_UL436_

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