Mr Preet Bharar served as U.S. Attorney for the famous Southern District of New York from 2009 to 2017. He is famously remembered, recently, for being unceremoniously fired by President Trump, after the President extended his term.

The Southern District is known for its independence, and its notoriety for prosecuting some of the biggest, headline making cases in the United States and aboard. They have handled cases involving terrorism, bank fraud, corrupt politicians, drug kingpins and the mob. A few prominent members of this group of prosecutors have launched successful political careers… And one even became mayor of a big city and has since lost his mind. The Southern District is a tough, no nonsense, underpaid group of prosecutors and law enforcement officials who abide by the rule of law and are unblinking in their pursuit of JUSTICE.

“Doing Justice” is a wonderful and insightful study of the criminal justice system and Mr Bharara takes us through the whole process beginning with the investigation of a crime, and ending with the outcome of cases before a jury and a judge. He relies on fascinating stories which makes the book so much more interesting and his writing is clear and exciting and it is a real page turner.

Warning to President Trump: If you think Nancy Pelosi and the democrats are after you, wait for you to leave the41q005624bL._SX303_BO1,204,203,200_ office, and have to go up against the Southern District Prosecutors who have been waiting to take you and your nefarious family down for a long time and now have all the evidence they need to get it done.

I highly recommend.

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