TARGETED DEMOGRAPHICS, a novel by Joseph Sciuto

Targeted Demographics rev block 1 color quote changedhave you been targeted by a killerTargeted Demographics block 2 about the book wordingTargeted Demographics Joseph Sciuto about the author block 3Targeted Demographics block 4 available June 2018

TARGETED DEMOGRAPHICS, a novel by Joseph Sciuto

available June 2018 in bookstores and online.

Joseph Rossetti, is a marketing guru…an expert…the very best in the business.

The man behind some of the most successful advertising campaigns over the last decade, boosting sales, respectability, and admiration for auto, pharmaceutical, oil, and tobacco companies, the U.S military, the LAPD, and top movie studios.

His motto is simple, “It’s okay if I know it’s a lie, as long as my target audience believes the lie and buys the product.”

It was a simple maxim to live by, and he made a lot of money.

Then, one fateful night while standing at a bar enjoying a few ice-cold beers, he meets Nancy…a dazzling beauty, with a superior intellect and an unshakable moral compass.

Nancy makes Delilah, the Biiblical female vixen…played by the beautiful actress Hedy Lamarr in the movie…look like a choirgirl…

…which is not to say Nancy is evil.

She is compassionate, but when she encounters an injustice or despicable individuals such as rapists or pedophiles, or people abusing cats or dogs or the elderly, the repercussions for those individuals could be lethal.

The chemistry between Joe and Nancy is combustible…

…and the consequences quite deadly.

About the author Click here to learn more about Joseph Sciuto, author of TARGETED DEMOGRAPHICS and HOLLYWOOD RIPTIDE

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