MIA — A Baseball Novel from Joseph Sciuto. Available April 27, 2020

Baseball is part of America’s plot, part of America’s mysterious, underlying design-the plot in which we all conspire and collude, the plot of the story of our national life. — Albert Allen Bartlett




“Never let the fear of striking out keep you from coming up to bat.” 
…Babe Ruth


As the beloved, hard-working general manager of a Major League Baseball team in California, “Baseball Wizard” Joe Ciotola has given his life to the sport but lost too much in the bargain. Single, childless, disillusioned about baseball, and swamped with regrets after missing the deaths of both of his parents, the 50-year-old Bronx native quits his job and goes looking for something — anything — more satisfying than a life spent juggling rosters, recruiting players, and balancing budgets.

On his way to Anywhere, U.S.A., he stops in a strange place called Salvation, a forgotten desert town where time seems to stand still and where Old Testament values divide the locals between the Saved and the Damned. There, Joe meets Mia, a pitiful creature whose future has been written by the town’s leaders, and who can’t stay without making the ultimate sacrifice. The choices Joe and Mia make together, and the bonds they create with another woman who emerges from Joe’s past, shape their lives forever, revealing the power of connections formed from the ashes of great loss.


A baseball book wrapped in a domestic drama, Mia teaches us as much about love and family as it does about the imperfect history of America’s beautiful game.

MIA, a new baseball novel by Joseph Sciuto, author of SOFIA, HOLLYWOOD RIPTIDE,


on sale on April 27, 2020 on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and at fine bookstores everywhere.

Available in paperback and for all mobile devices.

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SOFIA, a new novel by Joseph Sciuto, available June 27th

Why do we strive to survive… if not to help each other?



Why do we exist? Joe thought he knew…

Despite being the successful screenwriter behind a series of blockbuster movies, Joe’s personal life is in shambles.


He hasn’t had a date in over eighteen years, and his relationship with the daughter, Sofia, has gone off the rails.


Once a sweet and affectionate child for whom Joe was the sole parent, Sofia’s personality changed dramatically in her early teens.


Sofia’s increasingly explosive, irrational behavior has wreaked havoc on Joe’s family back home in the Bronx.


During a visit with a specialist after experiencing neck pain, Joe meets Kentucky-born beauty, Jennifer.


Jennifer is a pediatric oncology nurse, and over lunch, she and Joe hit it off. Joe soon learns how affable, charming, intelligent and compassionate Jennifer is, and quickly moves to make room for her in his life.


For the first time in decades, Joe can see the possibility of a real romantic relationship, but it’s not long before Sofia’s behavior begins to interfere with his one chance at love.


As the relationships between the daughter, the nurse, and the screenwriter intertwine, Joe discovers what it means to be a family.


He learns just how dark life can be for those whose families are torn apart by illness and loss.


Joe’s grasp of what’s really important shifts from the make-believe world of the movies to the everlasting hope that we can all make a positive difference for those fighting just to live.


SOFIA, a new novel by Joseph Sciuto, author of HOLLYWOOD RIPTIDE,


on sale on June 27th on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and at fine bookstores everywhere.

Available in paperback and for all mobile devices.