“What did you Do In The War, Sister,” By Dennis J. Turner is a novel based on letters and documents written by Catholic Sisters, mainly living in Belgium and Italy during World War 2.

The story is told by a fictionalized Belgium nun, Sister Christina, who was born and raised in America and was stationed in a Belgium Convent and School before the war, and given the choice to leave and go back to America when the Germans first invaded she decided to stay.

She tells the story of a courageous and faithful group of nuns who hide many Jews who would have been victims of Hitler’s ‘Final Solution,’ who spy on the Germans and report their findings back to the allies, and who commit acts of sabotage.

Mr. Turner has written an engrossing and moving novel that gives us an inside look on what went on in many Catholic convents during the war. The women, sisters, are an example of many of the unsung heroes during the war, risking their lives and occasionally breaking their vows, to help the unfortunate and innocent.


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