I have read many biographies on World War 2, and almost all of them have taught me a few things I have not known. But when it comes to the quantity of events and the individuals involved, I have no doubt that Ms. Olson’s biographies on World War 2 and the European theater have enlighten me to more people and events that were extremely significant but that I had no idea about. I have read four of her biographies on World War 2 (each between four and five hundred pages) and the knowledge that I have come away with is amazing, and it doesn’t hurt that her writing style is beautiful.

“Madame Fourcade’s Secret War,” is about Marie-Madeline Fourcade and her leadership of the French spy network, “Alliance,” that lasted as long as the occupation of France by the Nazis and supplied critical intelligence to M16 (the British spy network) that would save hundreds of thousands of lives and especially help with the liberation of France and the victory over the Germans.

Despite the Gestapos relentless pursuit of them, executing hundreds of its agents, it refused to lay low and continual to supply information to General Patton toward the end of the war as he pushed the Germans out of France and back into Germany.

“Alliance,” led by fearless and courageous leader Madame Fourcade had as many as three thousand agents. For those allied geniuses that were originally taken aback that a beautiful female agent was running such an organization, their doubts were quickly erased as the intelligence information kept on flowing. Sadly, after the war it was mostly the men that were recognized as heroes, and Madame Fourcade and her network were virtually left out of the spotlight and it wasn’t until recently that her and her network of spies are receiving the recognition they so richly deserved.

A SIDE NOTE: For those who believe it’s no big deal that our former president took highly classified documents down to Mar-a-Lago, let me remind you that it is the information in those documents that put the lives of our agents in jeopardy, and the security of our country and our allies at risk. Senator Rubio, besides being a cowardly traitor and a despicable human being, it is not simply a ‘storage issue,’ but an issue of life and death for individuals who have more courage in their pinkie finger than you have in your entire being.


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