A Wonderful book about the brilliant, mesmerizing, scientist and actress Hedy Lamarr (Hedy Kiesler) who by the age of nineteen was already married to the riches, arms manufacture in Austria, Friedrich Mandl. The marriage, partially set-up to protect her parents, from the impending threat of the Nazis and their hostilities toward Jews.

Overhearing the Third Reich’s plans while her husband, at one of their homes, has a business meeting with Hitler and associates, she devises a plan to escape from her abusive, obsessive husband and his new found business partners.

Disguised as a maid, she escapes and lands in Hollywood where she changes her Jewish name, Kiesler to Lamaar. Hollywood and Americans are not too crazy about Jews either, even though almost all the Hollywood moguls are Jewish and have changed their names.

Knowing a few secrets about the Nazis’ flaws in their war machinery, she and a musician friend, George Antheil, invent a ground breaking device that would eventually revolutionize modern communications and enhance American’s military capabilities.

Ms. Benedict’s novel, “The Only Woman in the Room,” is beautifully written, captivating, and suspenseful. I highly recommend. 


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