After reading the first thirty pages of this book I had to check and make sure that this was the same Alice Hoffman whose previous eight or nine books I have read were simply wonderful. It was the same Alice Hoffman and the first thirty pages might not have lived up to what I expected, but the next 180 pages were pure magic, pure Ms. Hoffman.

This book is about many things: the uncertainty of life and how a group of people had their entire lives and careers changed because they were unlucky enough to be struck by powerful lightning. It’s about family and the importance of friendships and the respect the simplest creatures, moles, deserve and should not so easily be discarded and killed. It’s about love, and it reminds us that the way we deal with death is by living.

This in not “The Dovekeepers,” nor “The World That we Knew,” but it is powerful, spellbinding and pure Alice Hoffman.

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