Many years ago, I was sitting on a beach blanket on a secluded part of a beach in Malibu, Ca. I would go there about twice a week and marvel at the beauty of the ocean and the sea life, occasionally catching a glance at one of the beautiful young ladies passing by.

I would always bring a book, and a copy of that day’s New York Times. The New York Times has been a stable in my life for over fifty years and despite what many of my conservative friends believe: It is not a liberal rag. Yes, its editorials and opinions might lean toward the left but its reporting of the news, and its reporters are simply the best. At least, in my opinion.

On this particular day, I was reading an in-depth interview with Supreme Court Justice, Antonin Scalia. When asked about ‘reparations’ for the surviving families of former slaves he replied, “My Italian grandparents came to this country at the beginning of the century. They had nothing to do with slavery. Why should I or my children, or the children of other Italians, Irish, or Jewish families have to pay for a crime they had absolutely nothing to do with.”

I was never a very big fan of justice Scalia, especially in his later years, but that quote some forty years later has always remained with me. So, you ask, “what does ‘reparations’ have to do with Mr. Cash’s book. The answer is everything, and nothing at all.

“All Will Be Revealed,” is the third in the series, but it is not necessary to go back and read the previous two to understand the narrative. The author nicely intersperses quotes and references from the main character in the previous books into the current book, so the reader is never left in the dark.

The book opens with Stardom, a half alien and half human, addressing The United Nations, reporters, and people throughout the world. He has travelled the earth since the very beginning of time and is an emissary to God. He reports back to God on the progress of the human race, and just as God is ready to give up on humans, he convinces him to give him one more chance at straightening out humans and the ‘woke’ culture that has infested so much of the world and especially the United States.

Trinity, a young female reporter for a small news outlet, and a ‘woke’ enthusiast is chosen by Stardom for a one-on-one interview. At first, she is shocked to be picked, and then she realizes that this is the opportunity for her to make a name for herself and possibly win a Pulitzer. What she did not realize at the time, was that the interview was going to be unlike any interview she could ever have imagined.

Stardom takes her on a physical journey across time. In a sense, it is like Virgil guiding Dante through the different circles of hell. He takes her back, to the frontier days when men and women worked hard, never asking for handouts, and who in the end became the backbone of what would become a great nation. In contrast, in today’s world you have people living on the streets, not working, and asking for handouts…such as welfare and food stamps.

He takes her back to times of trauma in her childhood and teen years and how she alienated lifelong friends who she tried to convince to join the ‘woke’ culture and disowned them when they didn’t go along with her.

He shows her the concentration camps, in operation this very day, in modern China where the communist are literally killing millions of Uyghur Muslims because of their religious beliefs, and yet the ‘woke’ culture that has taken over in the United States has simply turned a blind eye to it because it is not in their interests. He shows her the twenty thousand illegal aliens crossing the southern border of the United States without being tested for the covid-19 virus or being forced to take the vaccine like millions of Americans, and how critical-race theory is adversely distorting present day America.

Stardom transports Trinity to a place outside of earth’s orbit where the Nemensiums live. Creatures so disgusting that they sit on top of their excrement and urine, while they slouch down large quantities of slop brought to them every three hours by slaves…those humans so depraved by the manufactured pandemic that all they did was look at their cell phones and complain that anything would be better than the lives they were currently living. They had forgotten about God, and his teachings, and now their anything would be better is being slaves to these fetid creatures that live in caves while they look at computer screens and the dastardly happenings on planet earth.

Mr. Cash has softly trodden the line between dogma and fiction, and his use of extraterrestrials (aliens) actually enhances the bold and controversial positions he shines a bright light on. In a sense, he uses them and the presence of a God as witnesses to the destructive nature of liberalism and the ‘woke’ culture. Unless one is willing to listen to opposing views, one can truly never know the truth about one’s positions. Mr. Cash has boldly stated his views, and whereas those positions might not correspond with my positions they have given me an insight and understanding into positions that a large portion of Americans adhere to. I have read all three books in the series, and each one left me pondering questions about the direction of our country and that was what I have loved so much about series, and why I strongly recommend his current book and the two previous in the series.

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