Over the last couple of years, individuals who I had once thought of as heroes, have fallen from that pedestal and I have come to view them less as heroes and more like traitors. In the fog of war, mistakes are made on the battlefield, in the military command structure, and in the governments that pay and sponsor their militaries.

Yet, there are certain acts of betrayal that I find unforgivable and President Franklin Roosevelt and Prime Minister Churchill committed acts of betrayal against Poland and the Polish military, who fought beside the British and Americans forces, that were not only despicable, traitorous, and cowardly but in Dante’s “Inferno” would land them in the final circle of hell with Lucifer.

In 1939 Poland was attacked by the Nazis and by the Russians. The Germans took control of one half of the country while their friends in arms at the time, the Russians and Stalin, took control of the other half. The U.S. and Britain promised the Polish government support but none showed up. The U.S. still didn’t have its act together and Great Britain was trying to hold off the Germans from taking over their country.

Shortly, thereafter, the French surrendered to the Germans without so much as a whimper. If you have ever wondered how Paris remained so much intact during the war, it’s because the French did not fight back and for all practical purposes handed their country over to the Germans.

While the French were doing the ‘two step’ the frame Polish pilots of “The Kosciuszko Squadron” made their way to Britain along with many in the Polish navy and infantry. But it was this Squadron of fighter pilots that would help the British win the the ‘Battle of Britain,’… so much so that without them it is very likely the English would have lost the battle and the Germans would have rolled right into Great Britain. The Hit (how many enemy planes you shot down) to Kill (how many of your planes were shot down and flyers killed) was as high as 10 to 1 in favor of the Polish pilots. In short, “The Kossciusko Squadron,” was superior to the British and German pilots and one could only imagine how many English lives this Squadron saved.

Their expertise continued throughout the war flying alongside the Americans and British. After being frustrated in their attempt to obliterate England, that madman of all madmen, Hitler, decided to attack his buddy Stalin. Hitler would have very likely conquered the Soviet Union if not for President Roosevelt sending him an abundance of arms and deadly weapons which the dictator did not even have the courtesy to thank our President who for unknown reason seemed to be in awe of the dictator.

Throughout the first half of the war, Churchill and Roosevelt promised the Polish government in exile, over and over again, that part of their war plan was to liberate Poland from the Nazis and Soviet forces. Actually, according to President Roosevelt the sole purpose of winning this war was to make sure every country in Europe would be liberated and able to choose their own form of government.

The French, who did not give up a fight, were liberated and given a place at the table with the Americans and British. But Poland, was handed over to the Russians, in one of the most underhanded betrayals of an ally in the history warfare. The country, who was arguably the most influential in helping win the war, besides the American and British was tossed to Stalin like a piece in a chess game and for the next forty-five years was under the totalitarian regime of Communist Russia.

President Roosevelt, out of ignorance and lack of empathy, went out of his way to appease the butcher of Moscow, and Churchill, the great orator, followed the President’s lead and went so far as to have articles printed in the British newspapers that were unfavorable toward the Polish while praising the leadership and sacrifice of Stalin and the Russian people.

A remarkable book, in a series of remarkable books I have read, that sheds an ugly light on the so called legends of World War 2.

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