I bought this book, thinking that the author John Mauro was the same accomplished scientist, inventor, and professor John Mauro who is a friend of mine. When I told my friend, he told me it was a different John Mauro but that he read the book and thought I would like it and he was right.

“Statistical Deception at Work,” is a very readable book that sheds light on the misconceptions about statistical data used, not only by journalists, but by advertising firms, stocks, government agencies, casinos, lotteries, and of course, politicians.

Understanding numbers is essential into not getting fooled, and buying into lies, such as the US economy is in a downfall, even though job growth, housing, and wages are up, and yes inflation is high, but considering all the other positive factors the democrats should be bragging their heads off and yet the republicans, who have not done anything in the last year-and-a-half, are winning the economic game by stressing inflation and nothing else.

This book is a useful tool in understanding the data that is thrown at us on a daily basis, and understanding numbers, percentages, sample sizes, and demographics, to name just a few can debunk many of the myths that fake news channels like Fox News throw at their audiences day in and day out. It can also save the consumer quite a bit of money, and keep them well informed.

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