Mary Karr’s, “Cherry,” is a real “trip,” and I don’t mean that in the literal sense, like a trip to France. In short, it is the best articulation of what it feels like to be on an LSD trip, hallucinating for three days straight, that I have ever read.

“Cherry, is the the sequel to Ms. Karr’s memoir, “The Liars’ Club,” and it is just as breathtaking, honest, and exceptionally written as the “The Liars’ Club.” It concentrates on Ms. Karr’s teenage years living in east Texas, the sexual coming of age of the author and her friends, the use of drugs and booze, the terror of high school and the bullying that goes along with it, and experiences with the police and being locked up.

Ms. Karr’s ability to write what she calls a memoir, like a novel, is a gift that few authors have been able to achieve. The honesty in her writing is the type of honesty most writers only achieve in their ‘Letters,” or in today’s world with emails.

Ms. Karr is a major talent, and I once again, want to thank Lorna for introducing this fabulous writer to me.

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