A wonderfully, entertaining book that for me (a one hundred percent Italian/ American) was a step back in time to the joyous feasts prepared on Christmas Eve by my grandparents, father and mother, aunts and uncles. The hour and a half farewells to visiting relatives, who live only a few blocks away, but just don’t seem to be able make it out the door.

The walks down the west side of Manhattan in the late seventies when I was a student at John Jay college, occasionally dropping in on small, family owned restaurants that served delicious food at very inexpensive prices…and which today no longer exist because of the gentrification of that side of Manhattan.

Delicious food, passed from generation to generation, whose original roots date back centuries to peasant farmers.

“Taste: My Life through Food,” is about 40 percent dedicated to Italian cuisine, 20 percent dedicated to food from many different parts of the world, 20 percent to wonderful recipes, and 20 percent to wonderful stories. All and all a truly delightful book by Mr. Tucci.

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