“Klara and the Sun,” is the first novel by Kazuo Ishiguro since he won the Nobel Prize for Literature. It is a novel, like the other two that I have read by the author, that leaves you “thinking, contemplative, and dazed” for many days after you have finished the novel.

Mr. Ishiguro’s prose are simple and clear, but the ideas, messages, and revelations in his books are anything but simple and often hit at the very roots of our existence, our fears, and our mortality.

Klara, the main character in the book, is an AF (Artificial Friend) who is bought by Josie, a young, sickly little girl, and her mother who is overly concerned about her daughter. It is through Klara’s outstanding observational powers, empathy, and ability to solve problems that she is able to shed light on the human condition as she watches Josie’s family and friends interact. Her observations hit at the very roots of many of our fears, hopes, and the underlying power of love that makes us all stronger and like the power of the “sun” enhances and energizes our moods and ability to heal.

Simply great!!!!!

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