Joan Didion’s, “Miami,” is an intriguing story that chronicles the time between the ‘Bay of Pigs,’ and straight into the Reagan administration. In many way it is a sociological study of the different Cuban exiles groups in Miami and the different approaches they took in the hope of overthrowing Castro. Of special interest, was how some exile groups did not really believe that the United States was their ally in this fight. They believed that the Kennedy administration had made a deal with the Russians that literally tied the American hands.

The latter part of this book deals with the unrest in Central America during the Reagan administration, and the different stories circulating out of Washington and Miami about the approaches being used to liberate the people of Nicaragua and El Salvador.

I must admit I found the last twenty pages of this book very difficult to follow. It was like reading James Joyce’s Finnegan’s Wake, but the rest of the book was truly stimulating and made incisive statements about Miami during this time that I had no idea about.

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