What can I say? It’s Dostoyevsky! One of my literary heroes. The writer who got me hooked on literature. Attending John Jay College of Criminal Justice in N.Y.C. I accidentally picked up a copy of “Crime and Punishment,” thinking it was about the NY penal system. Boy was I wrong. I read the book in a couple of day which for me was like a miracle. I was hooked!!!!

“The House of the Dead,” was one of last books I had not read by this master, and like always he did not let me down. Based on his time spend in a Siberian prison, he delivers the most detailed account of prison life I have ever read through the very eyes and stories of the convicts he was imprisoned with. His knowledge of humanity is forever striking, and sadly of the immorality that so many fellow human beings are capable of inflicting on other human beings.

I Highly, highly recommend. It is not the happiest of books but Dostoyevsky manages to provide quite a bit of comic relief throughout.

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