Throughout my reading of Thomas E. Ricks, “Fiasco: The American Military Adventure in Iraq,” the song, “How Do You Sleep,” by the late John Lennon kept playing in my head.

And Why Do You Ask? Because despite the warnings from military experts, historians, UN Inspectors, and former military officials against going to war with Iraq, our high level government officials disregarded such warnings and our Congress refused to dig deeper into the issues for fear of appearing weak.

Yes, there was plenty of evidence that Saddam Hussein had ‘NO’ weapons of mass destruction, nor did he have anything to do with the 9/11 attacks and that going into Iraq could be quite costly, deadly, and never ending yet we went anyway.

The hawks, President George W. Bush (spend the Vietnam war protecting the coastline of the United States) Vice President Dick Cheney (I had more important issues than Vietnam) Sec. of Defense Donald Rumsfeld (spend his time in the military as a flight instructor) and Under Sec. of Defense Paul Wolfowitz (was too busy in the world of academia to spend any time in the jungles of Vietnam) assured us it would be a piece of cake and we would be welcomed as liberators.

Yes, these four armchair generals knew how easy it would be to just invade Iraq (on the cheap nevertheless, with insufficient manpower, and no plan after toppling Saddam, and a disregard for the culture of the land and the many different religious sects).

So I ask, once again, how do you Motherfuckers sleep at night knowing that everything you told the American Public was a lie, that the cost of the invasion at last count would be close to a half trillion dollars or more, and the cost in human lives (American soldiers, reporters, and innocent Iraqi civilians) would total in the tens of thousands and still rising and after nearly 20 years we are still there.

Mr. Ricks’ novel is a rich, comprehensive, illuminating, instructive, and sad story about the war in Iraq. It, once again, shows us how little we learned from the Korean War, Vietnam, and the Balkan wars, and how politics and winning elections are more important to our leaders than the lives of our soldiers.

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