Joan Didion’s, “Slouching Towards Bethlehem,” is a real American treasure. Mrs. Didion, raised in the Central Valley of California, gives us a unique look at much of the state through her eyes. She takes us on a tour of San Francisco during the early 1960’s where a counter revolution, fueled by drugs and bands like “The Grateful Dead,” have literally, if only temporarily, staked out the land. Their only purpose is to score all types of drugs, and leave ideas about the future for another day.

That is just one of many stories. She also takes us to Los Angeles, Sacramento, Alcatrez, the Mojave Dessert, and all is beautifully choreographed to give us an idea of the diversity of the people, how the environment and weather affect one’s mental and physical state, and the difference between native Californians and the migrants from the east coast.

Mrs. Didion has a writing style all her own and at times it might appear choppy and unrelated, but if you have the patience to re-read such sections you come out with the full extent of what she is trying to get at… And it is definitely worth the short second look. HIGHLY RECOMMEND893187

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