I was quite certain Ms. Crouch was a wonderful writer after reading her novel, “Against the Wind,” but now after reading her novel, “The Last Plague” I am positive she is a wonderful, gifted writer.

She does a complete turn around from her reality based “Aganist the Wind,” to the science fiction genre in “the Last Plague; Even though the story of a medically manufactured virus, disguised as a vaccine to help inoculate people from chronic illness, but instead unleashes a deadly plague that kills 80 percent of the world population doesn’t seem so far fetched these days.

At the center of the story is Dr. Avit Arceneaux, a devoted pathologist who discovers that the vaccine is in fact a weaponized virus. Avit is a clone, who was once human, but whose body parts were harvested to save his brother Roby. His eyes are mechanical and he has scars running across his body where he was stitched back together after his original body parts were taken from him.

Avit struggles to save those few people that are left, never succumbing to the temptation to simply let people die and living up to the oath he took as a doctor. Avit is just one of many great characters weaved into this wonderful, captivating story. The author’s writing is clear and lucid, and she has definitely done some serious medical research that takes this story to an even higher level. I Highly Recommend.


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