Don DeLillo is one of my favorite, contemporary novelists, and I think he deserves a Nobel Peace Prize for literature, but when you give them out to individuals like Bob Dylan (a great songwriter) I have given up hope for Mr. DeLillo. At least four of his novels, in my opinion, could have easily won a Pulitzer Prize, but he has had no luck there either. Those novels are “White Noise, Underworld, Libra, and Cosmopolis.”

His newest novel, “The Silence,” will not go down as one of his great novels, regardless of how his publisher Scribner might advertise the book. Its attempt at seeing World War 3 as a war in which technology and all communication are shut down is not especially a new theory, and the characters are not very interesting, even when they are quoting the great Einstein. This is not a book I could recommend, but he is an author that should be read… Just don’t start with this book.53879204._SY475_

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