Wow! What a fascinating, imaginative, entertaining, thought-provoking, and exceptionally well written book. That’s quite a descriptive sentence, but then that is truly the descriptions that ran though my mind, while reading Mr. Zman’s “The Living Reminder.”

The Prologue to the book, attributed to Mnemosyne reads, “When a wrong is committed there are always consequences. So, in order to not repeat that same wrong and suffer those same consequences, there needs to be A LIVING REMINDER, something that will always be present, always be part of one’s life so as to ensure the wrong is never again repeated.”

It is “a living reminder” that is always present in the works of such great science fiction writers as Ray Bradbury (The Martian Chronicles and Fahrenheit 451), H.G Wells (The Invisible Man and War of the Worlds) and Rod Serling (The Twilight Series). Mr. Zman, in his latest novel, has masterfully interjected this essential characteristic throughout his novel and has touched upon many of the world’s greatest problems, such as the current pandemic, climate warming, religious zealots, racial injustice, rogue governments, and the moral question surrounding abortion.

Elijah, the main character (and make no mistake his name and actions are very much in alignment with the biblical prophet Elijah in the old and new Testament) is first introduced to us as an eight year old boy having a dream about a mysterious, unearthly character named Stardom who speaks about a locust bringing destruction upon humanity. The dream and its meaning haunts him throughout his life, and after a series of apocalyptic disasters strike the world, and his hometown in Oklahoma, he is the last human left on earth. Wandering through his vacant hometown for days, he is discovered by twin aliens, who are literally attached, and after some awkward moments they become friends. Ironically, the twins, know everything about him and it was their Spaceship… Before crashing… That delivered the final deadly blow against his town, killing his wife, his in-laws, and friends.

Elijah goes with the aliens when the Mothership comes to rescue them and it is on this journey to a new planet that Elijah realizes that he is “The Living Reminder,” of the good that exist in humanity, but yet when the human race ignores and fails to learn from the past, allowing Atomic warfare and climate change and allows for dictators to take over, it is looking at its annihilation.

I read this wonderful book in one seating. Mr. Zman is brave enough to touch on subjects that many authors would shy away from, especially in today’s heighten atmosphere of discontent. By doing so, he gives the reader a lot to ponder. I strongly recommend this book.


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