Dan Santos,’ “Letters from Blitz.”

I think I can say with certainty that, “Letters from Blitz,” by Dan Santos is the type of book that billions of people can relate to, and I mean billions… Not millions. When we think of the greatest romances, love affairs, that we have read about or seen on the big screen, we tend to forget about the endless love affairs between humans and their pets (dogs, cats, piglets, and in the case of Lord Byron a brown bear who attended classes with him at Cambridge).

Twenty years after the death of my cat, Dixie, the memory of her lingers on and each morning when I get up I say good-morning to all the pets and dogs that have belonged to me and I have got to know through friends and family that have passed on: Dixie, Lucky, Jake, Carney, Razz, Louie, Chaps, Max, Murphy, and Male’.

“Letters from Blitz,” is in no way a sad book and without giving away the ending I can honestly say I came away feeling great. Mr. Santos puts into human words… Through Blitz, a Weimaraner breed… What I have always felt my pets would say to me if they were able to speak, “human.” He does not use cartoon balloons to express the dogs’ feelings, but electronic letters, transported into each others’ minds, send between canine family and friends, and it works perfectly.

The author touches on subjects that haunt each of us when it comes to decisions about a pet’s health, the guilt we carry around after the doctor comes with the big needle, and the memories that refuse to fade.

Mr. Santos writing is crisp and clear, and the book can easily be read in one sitting. It is undeniably sentimental and at the same time uplifting. My father used to say about our dog Lucky, “If she could speak she would say I Love You,” and I loved this book. Strongly recomm41qxCiOGhEL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_end.


2 thoughts on “Dan Santos,’ “Letters from Blitz.”

  1. I am humbled a superb writer in his own right like you describes my work in such positive terms. I treasure the many opinions I’ve read in your blog, and these words of praise for Letters from Blitz. I once described your talent for character development and great dialogue in your Per Verse Vengeance. I stand by my judgement then and take off my hat to your generosity now.


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