I loved this book. It is satire at its best, and the author Scott Johnston masterfully weaves a story about a fictional University, Devon, and takes on a subject matter that many people would be afraid to touch, especially in this age of sensitivity, and that is progressive policies on the campuses of universities that have gone overboard and instead of enhancing the learning experience have managed to stifle that very experience.

Devon, a fictional Ivy league school, is a university with a long history dating back nearly 3oo years. It is supported largely by rich donors who graduated from the university, successful business people, and by federal grants.

The student body is more diverse than ever before, meeting racial, gender (58 genders in all), income standards and disregarding SAT scores… All to meet the requirements of Title IX, which on the face of it seems fair and logical but in reality has created less creativity, diversity, and has seriously limited the teaching abilities of so many Professors and educators.

“Campusland” is full of wonderful characters, but to me none more well developed, funny, and realistic as LuLu Harris, a rich Manhattanite, whose father went to Devon and has in a sense forced this ‘hell’ of a place on her. She is the most unlikely of heroines… Rich, entitled, uses her looks and beauty to her advantage, and yet she sees right through the ‘bull’ and insanity that has come about because of all these regulations and plays it for what it’s worth. She is an amazing character that some might describe as a cliche, but I describe as a colorful and true representation of today’s youth on many of the campuses of our colleges and universities. I strong41I70zKUdFL._SX327_BO1,204,203,200_ly recommend this book.


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