“The Second Founding,” by Eric Foner is many things: Historically relevant, glorious, despairing, sad, and promising. The Thirteenth, Fourteenth, and Fifteenth Amendments are examined and dissected with unusual clarity and precision. The three Amendments combined make up what one would consider the Reconstruction era, directly after the Civil War, where slavery was abolished, male blacks were given the right to vote, citizenship was based on being born in the United States, and the federal government stepped into the forefront to stop the bigotry and racism practiced mostly in the Southern states and a few Northern States. It was, for all practical purposes, a glorious 7 to 8 year period in American history, but like most things that seem way too good to be true, The Supreme Court of the United States quickly started to dismember the amendments and as the democrats took control back in many southern states blacks, once again, were disenfranchised, racism bloomed, segregation was a God send, and the states were once again in charge and the amendments’ original meanings and intents, except for the 13th, were revised and distorted for nearly an entire century since the Civil War ended.

In the mid-1960’s The Warren Court (The Supreme Court) and The Civil Rights Crusade fought back and some resemblance of the American ideal was restored, but as history will attest never underestimate the stupidity, bigotry, and partisanship of the Court as new members take their place, and once again we seem to be moving back as a nation into the good old days before the Civil War where one’s skin color is a defining character and the racial divide in our nation seems to be bigger and better than ever… How sad!

President Theordore Roosevelt said many years ago that, “words and ‘talk’ are meaningless, unless accompanied by action.” The Supreme Court and our spineless government employees would be wise to take notice of TR’s advice, but then there are so few that even cast a shadow beside this great man that I wouldn’t hold your breath waiting for constructive and meaningful action.

Thank you Bradford for this wonderful book.51j-SW6qRzL._SX330_BO1,204,203,200_


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