This Christmas season, I was only able to read three Christmas books. The first two were great, and the last one, “All I Want For Christmas” by Jenny Hale started out a little slow and then picked up beautifully and in the end was just as wonderful and great as the two other books. The characters are endearing, but they are also very believable with everyday problems and as they develop throughout the book we find out more and more interesting things about them, allowing the author to give us a full picture of all her characters which is not an easy thing to achieve.

Christmas is a time where many of us replay old memories, some good and some sad and some intertwined, but it is also a time that we create future memories. In the end, like Hemingway said, “The only thing you take with you when you die, is what you left behind,” and hopefully what we leave behind are memories of love and caring. That is a major theme throughout the novel and a perfect example of one of the true meanings of the Christmas season… A time of the year filled with good cheer and a magic, blatantly obvious, for all of us to see and emulate throughout the year.

Happy Holidays!51IU1DRNGaL

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