“Sugar: Stories of New York Sugar Babies,” by Quincy Crane is an engrossing and mesmerizing series of short stories, told primarily through the eyes of ladies, living mostly in New York City and living off their good looks and the sexual perversity of their rich, male clientele. The first number of stories deal primarily with girls working in clubs making thousands of dollars a week dancing, flirting, giving lap dancers and having the men buy them drinks. The strange thing, is that most of these young women are highly educated with master degrees and some actually working on PhDs and paying off their student loans.

Some of the other women are put up in luxury apartments in Manhattan and paid as much as twenty thousand dollars a month by men who want a ‘kept’ woman that is not their wife. Others, literally blackmail their clientele and earn an additional four to five thousand a month simply by not releasing footage that is quite compromising to say the least.

If any of this seems preposterous, it is not, and that is another reason I love this series of short stories so much. Ms. Crane’s writing is HONEST and that’s what every writer should strive for and few master. After working in a high class restaurant in Los Angeles, I can attest to almost every detail that the author writes about. High Class Call Girls frequented the restaurant on a daily basis, and they were the most beautiful of all the girls I ever met there, making glamorous actresses and models look pale and plain. They were almost all very smart, educated, and charming. One movie mogul once told me, “I would rather pay these lovely girls, with no ties attached, ten thousand a night than have to pay out 20 million in alimony.”

The book, consists of about 10 stories, a few related, and a few that could easily be extended into novellas… The characters are that well developed. The stories deal with the pro and cons of working in such a business, and also marrying men simply because they are rich. This is a collection of amazing stories, and the girls who make a living peddling their good looks, and whereas there is constant mention of sex, there is very little explicit sex depicted. I highly recommend.


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