Over the last twenty years, I have read a lot of novels about the Revolutionary War era and about the founding of our great country; yet after reading Walter Isaacson’s biography, Benjamin Franklin, I realized how little I really know.

Mr. Isaacson has written some of my favorite biographies, such as Leonardo da Vinci, Einstein, and The Innovators.  Now, I can add his biography on the great Benjamin Franklin to the list.

Mr. Franklin was of the era of Enlightenment, yet one easily could  toss him into the Renaissance era. He is the closest individual that I have read about that is in the same company with da Vinci. Both were amazingly curious individuals and both were hundreds of years ahead of their contemporaries with their scientific studies and inventions.

In fact, a number of their inventions and discoveries currently are used by NASA and the U.S. military. They were both exceptionally social individuals.  Whereas da Vinci was a great painter, Franklin was a great story teller, newspaperman, and satirist.

Franklin is considered the first American diplomat, and whereas he might not have been as adept as Rudy Giuliani, he did do his best (sarcasm intended).  As Washington was winning the war on the battlefield (with the help of the French), Franklin was charming the French government to help pay for colonial efforts.

At 70, the man had more woman admirers than Valentino ever could  have dreamt of having. He was the first American superstar, known around the civilized world for his intellect and inventions. He was the Muhammad Ali of the 18th century, and just as witty and charming.

It was his insights and his willingness to compromise that finally allowed the U.S. Constitution to become the guiding doctrine of the land and the envy of the world over. Sadly, no doctrine has been so abused, trashed and stepped on by our politicians and judges more than our miraculous Constitution… even with all its flaws.

Franklin started the first reliable postal service in America.  His electrical rod and innovative construction of stoves saved millions of buildings worldwide from burning, and his nautical observations are a thing of wonder.

All of the things I stated above are just a small sample of a his life’s work. A truly extraordinary human being.61zcpKItWZL._SX342_

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