“Haunted House,” by Hope Summers is all in the subtitle and more: “A steamy, lusty, paranormal romance with a sadistic ghostly, warlock.”

Kayla, the main character, wants to be famous, Instagram famous like so many young girls. She is attractive, but her following is small but it’s definitely growing as she ventures in the world of ghosts. She especially gets more attention when she spots a couple of ghosts caught on camera.

She decides to go big on Halloween, scouts a so-called haunted house dating back to the civil war, with a history that includes tragedies to anyone who buys the house and tries to fix it up. Kayla goes all out on this project, learning Latin through Google translate, buying ritual books to summon the dead, and inspects the house thoroughly, except for the basement, which is locked solid.

On the night of the shoot, she dresses up for the occasion by putting on a really tight corset that would make Victorian ladies faint, a long flowing dress that shows off her breasts, and blood dark lipstick and 5 inch stiletto shoes.

She enters the house, just before sunset, and it seems exceptionally clean for a house that has not been lived in since the civil war. She walks through the dark hallway with the help of a candle and stops in a big room that was probably used for entertaining. She places her ritual book on the table, and before she starts reciting rituals to summon the dead the book changes into another book while rain starts to pour down outside. So far, she is off to an auspicious start and it only gets better when Thurston Blackstone appears, a roguishly handsome ghost who she is ready to do anything for, including going over to his side and live with him forever, but before that they have to perform a ritual in which Thurston becomes human and he collects a cup full of her tears and this is where the kinky takes over: whippings by Thurston to gets tears to flow from his love; his cold 18 inch erect penis penetrating the virgin vagina of Kayla, and then his erect penis, still cold, slamming into her anus.

The novel is told in the third person, and Ms. Summers’ writing is quite clear and graphic, with bits of humor thrown in throughout. I thoroughly enjoyed the novel and found it very entertaining. Fans of sadistic romance will not be disappointed.

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