On the last page of “Magic Sleeps,” the author, Cherie Smith, asks the reader for feedback. She states that this if her first novel, and let me just say that this reader thinks Ms. Smith is off to a hell of a start.

The book is labelled fantasy and there are fairies, vampires, and hybrids (part human, fairy, and vampire), but it could also easily be labelled a mystery, or a suspense thriller. The main characters, Aurora, Analyne (Ava) and Ivi, are so well developed and the writing so clear, lucid, and engrossing that at times I thought I was reading an Agatha Christie novel.

The story is told in first person, with the three main characters taking over the narrative at different stages of the book, and yet the author’s ability to keep the story together is seamless and quite an accomplishment.

The book centers around the idea that magic does not exist anymore among humans because so many have become so corrupt, evil and vile that it caused the magic to dissipate and when one dies the soul of the human is reincarnated as a different human but with the same vile instincts.

Aurora, a beautiful fairy with golden blond hair and breathtaking wings, is warned never to mingle with humans, but like a biblical tale out of the Bible, she is tempted by the sight of a handsome man and she becomes pregnant and this leads to consequences that are both dire and joyful and the reader deeply involved.

“Magic Sleeps” is a short novel… A little over a hundred pages… But its depth and hidden meanings make it a very powerful and entertaining novel that could easily be read in one sitting. Highly recommend.



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