“The Secret Adversary,” is Agatha Christie’s second novel, published shortly after the end of World War 1. It introduces us to the crime fighting team of Tommy and Tuppence, who are now in their early twenties but have known each other since childhood. They are, in a sense, total opposites. Tommy, more thoughtful and quiet, and Tuppence, more aggressive, outgoing, and more instinctual. They pretend that neither one is emotionally interested in the other, and God Fade they would never consider getting married or even falling in love. Yet, the chemistry between these two boils over and it is truly entertaining.

At the moment, they both have no money and are desperate and decide to start a business, advertising themselves as “The Young Adventures.” Their first job gets them involved in a dangerous international spy ring trying to influence, illegally, the upcoming British election. A package is handed off to a young unknowingly lady, Jane, by a Mr. Darner in 1915 as the their boat the ‘Lustitania’is sinking. Since the women and children are being put first into the rescue boats, and Mr. Darner fears, correctly that he will drown, she is his only hope to get the package to the right authorities.

Five years later, Jane and the package that contains information on the war, are still missing, but not forgotten. The information in the package, and in the hands of foreign Russian spies who are seeking it, could still be very dangerous to the British.

And so the story unfolds, as we are introduced to one great character after another, with plenty of twists and turns, an intriguing plot, and the wonderful writing of Ms. Christie… A true treasure.51XjUngofYL._SX322_BO1,204,203,200_

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