Thomas Zman’s, “Beyond Imagination” is literally a short, engrossing, novel that is beyond imagination. The characters, mainly a family of six are wonderfully developed, especially grandpa, confined to a wheelchair after an apparent stroke, unable to move, he communicates his thoughts through a computer that yells out what he wants to say… aka Stephen Hawking. Also, the mother who is a bit dizzy, likes to drink, and is quite comical.

James, the narrator, and lead character is hired by the Veetum Cooperation (the intellect), even though he has no qualifications except that his father works there and is highly respected.

Suddenly, a computer geek, James finds himself working alongside Kings, Queens, Presidents, NATO representatives, tycoons of business and the occasional aliens transported here to earth by the mother ship.

It turns out that the cooperation is a front for a futurist society that specializes, at a great cost to those who want in, to have their minds and souls transferred out of their bodies (corpses left behind) and to live forever on another secondary earth as the real earth is destroyed from everything from Climate change to nuclear destruction. The lucky ones, fortunate enough to afford this transformation and not wanting to die, retain everything from being human (their memories, feelings, thoughts, etc) and can take a human form if they so desire.

If one thinks I am trying to be funny, I can assure you am not. This is a well written novel, nicely edited, quite comical at times and whereas it is very imaginative it is also making a profound statement about the planet we are currently living on that we are quickly trying to destroy. I highly recommend this short novel that can easily be read in one sitting.


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