“Minerva,” by Alice Mayberry-Fitch is a short, witty, highly enjoyable novel. The novel is well written, and the story, narrated by the main character Minerva, follows the young life of Minerva, who is raised in a poorhouse, and after leaving the house becomes a prostitute, working for a madam named Honey. Arrested by a policeman, who is also a customer, she is sent off to jail for six months. After three months served, she is released and has moved into a home for the improvement of young ladies who have lost their way.

Throughout all this relocation, Minerva does find ample opportunities to have sex with a number of men… Most of them Christian, Bible reading reformists, and men of the upper class with wives. After all, if religious, God fearing, rich men can’t take time out to be satisfied by a former prostitute who can?

I laughed numerous times while reading this book. Ms. Fitch is witty and humorous and I especially enjoy this type of writing. There are quite a few explicit sex scenes, layered with humo81eZlwyjZ7L._AC_UY218_ML1_r and passion, that makes the book all the more interesting.

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