Sean Patrick’s “The Know Your Bill of Rights Book,” is not the best book I have read about the Bill of Rights and the Constitution, and for someone not very familiar with the government of the United States it could be somewhat confusing.

Mr. Patrick gives the reader a historical perspective on the origins of the amendments that make up the The Bill of Rights, which were largely taken and inspired from the British, but he gives very few modern day examples of how the amendments have been applied, misinterpreted, and abused by the courts and our elected politicians.

He stresses one point throughout the book that I think is important for all citizens of the United States, and the world, to understand and that is that the Framers of the Constitution and Bill Of Rights did not intend to give the politicians the vast power they have attained and abused, but the power to the citizens of the United States to hold them accountable. Get out there and vote, protest, and express your opinions in a civilized and meaningful way. The people employ the President, the Senators and the Representatives, not the other way around.

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