“Blood Lies” is the first novel written by author Lori Krause, and whereas it is in no way as polished, stylist, and engrossing as her last novel “The Mirror,”it nevertheless is at times quite suspenseful and it has one hell of an ending.

Lisa is an up and rising advertising executive and wherever she seems to go, whether it is to eat at a restaurant a few miles from where she lives, or on business in Chicago, New York, or Los Angeles a brutal murder not far from where she has been the night before seems to happen. It gets to the point that she suspects that she might be the murderer or at least some way involved, even though she has no recollection of committing such brutal acts.

There are many twists and turns and quite a few interesting characters and for the most part I found myself quite engrossed in the book most of the time. It is a quick read and I found it quite enjoyable.

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