SOFIA, a new novel by Joseph Sciuto, available June 27th

Why do we strive to survive… if not to help each other?



Why do we exist? Joe thought he knew…

Despite being the successful screenwriter behind a series of blockbuster movies, Joe’s personal life is in shambles.


He hasn’t had a date in over eighteen years, and his relationship with the daughter, Sofia, has gone off the rails.


Once a sweet and affectionate child for whom Joe was the sole parent, Sofia’s personality changed dramatically in her early teens.


Sofia’s increasingly explosive, irrational behavior has wreaked havoc on Joe’s family back home in the Bronx.


During a visit with a specialist after experiencing neck pain, Joe meets Kentucky-born beauty, Jennifer.


Jennifer is a pediatric oncology nurse, and over lunch, she and Joe hit it off. Joe soon learns how affable, charming, intelligent and compassionate Jennifer is, and quickly moves to make room for her in his life.


For the first time in decades, Joe can see the possibility of a real romantic relationship, but it’s not long before Sofia’s behavior begins to interfere with his one chance at love.


As the relationships between the daughter, the nurse, and the screenwriter intertwine, Joe discovers what it means to be a family.


He learns just how dark life can be for those whose families are torn apart by illness and loss.


Joe’s grasp of what’s really important shifts from the make-believe world of the movies to the everlasting hope that we can all make a positive difference for those fighting just to live.


SOFIA, a new novel by Joseph Sciuto, author of HOLLYWOOD RIPTIDE,


on sale on June 27th on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and at fine bookstores everywhere.

Available in paperback and for all mobile devices.

One thought on “SOFIA, a new novel by Joseph Sciuto, available June 27th

  1. SJoseph Sciuto’s novel Sofia may be his best work yet. I wouldn’t give much weight to that analysis as I’ve said the same thing for his last four stories! This beautiful story of love and devotion is a 180-degree turn from his previous books only to land at a 360-degree return to the bonafide Scuito genre!

    Once I received my copy of Sofia, which I intended to read at a relaxed undisturbed time. I made the mistake of thinking I would read only one chapter. I was unable to cease my reading until I ran out of Budweiser! I picked up a twelve-pack and a pizza then anxiously returned to my book.

    What I believed to be a narrator-protagonist lead quickly turned from Joe to Jennifer as the protagonist and Joe as the antagonist. Unable to determine if this was some pseudo-biographical view from the author or a personal reflection by the narrator. This poignant tale was straight from the heart! A teenage wasteland on the courts of a Bronx playground or the bluegrass of Kentucky; They’re all wasted. Let’s see “Who’s Next’s?”

    Joe the screenwriter, we find in pain. Being the health-conscious person, he is after having his seven-mile run each morning he in pain turns to the cures that always work. An ice-cold Bub in relief then he moved on to Old No7 a real cure-all. This sets into motion our first look at wealth and privilege. A card he condemns but plays often.

    I am the father of an only child daughter, and while I’ve been deeply touched by this story, I became suspicious of Joe. He’s clueless! From his self-admission, he called his Dr. as a last resort. Yes, calling a Dr. five years should have been the first resort! Something does not ring true when all a father can only say that his daughter is beautiful. While throwing money at every problem that comes her way. He throws an audition and a box of truffle laden chocolates to secure an appointment with Dr. Souter. Then he is lead to Dr. Ben Casey by the Kentucky woman! You know the kind Neil Diamond sings about. At this point, a beauty from the bluegrass state shows up. Huh, reminiscent of a specific Nicole from the past. Only he introduces the Far Niente to this Kentucky thoroughbred. She is a UK grad in nursing. Her specialty in Pediatric Oncology required excellent skills and knowledge with an abundance of empathy! Jennifer had it all! Lucky Joe, all of that with blond hair and blue eyes. Was she the answer to the enlightenment of Sofia’s dramatic behavioral change?

    I caught clues of Sofia’s social behavior not as quickly as Jennifer did but long before Joe had. My daddy has a lot of money. Where would a child get that thought from? Possibly from a father who flashes an Amex Centurion card at every conceivable chance, drinks $60 bottles of chardonnay and gives his young daughter a $750 weekly allowance. Even once this was pointed out to him, he remained blissfully blind. Joe admits to his naivete concerning Dr. Souter arrest. ” I can’t believe that for twenty years… I had never once suspected anything!” I can! I also understand why a father with an 18-year-old daughter that looks like an 18-year-old Mila Kunis would want to keep her at home with her trusted friend Sullivan. Forever!

    It became apparent to everyone but Joe that his reaction to her behavior was no different than hers. His self-talk included thing like, ” I reached out and GRABBED her hand and lifted her up! Another time Joe imagined,” he GRABBED her phone … smashing into a thousand pieces.” Sofia, a mirror perfect clone of her Dad, Where else would a millennial pick up such a zest for watching The Honeymooners? A certain tenseness existed when he spoke of spanking both girls or referring to Jennifer as an angel one minute and a vixen in the next paragraph. When feeling the dought of his marriage and jealousy of Dr. Johnthan, he turned to “yes the journey to rational thought, start with Old No 7.” I would call that self-medication or “Bliss.”

    And this is just the tip of the iceberg. This story concentrates on the struggles of the kids and the compassion and kindness of their caregivers. What wonderful anecdotal stories are told by Sofia and Jennifer. I was just getting my hands around this tale when Bam, Bang, Boom to the moon we go!

    Chapter 43 captures us and takes us back to that teenage wasteland on the Bronx courtside. Sarah was the most challenging character for me to come to terms with. I immediately went back to Nick and Nicole’s niece Ava, but she faired much better than Sarah. That leaves a younger sister in another of Joseph Sciuto’s excellent works that did not fare so well! This is the full 360-degree swing I spoke of. Author Sciuto is now dead serious, despite the call from Dr. Souter for aid! Sarah leads us to the deepest layers of this story and to the depts of Joe’s sub-conscience. Sarah may be the only person to make him see! Possibly my favorite words of wisdom written in any dialogue were these. “One day, you are going to have to grow up,” Joe replied, Yeah, but why now?” She smiled as tears rolled down her cheeks and replied, “because now is all I have.”

    I sent my daughter a copy of this book. I think she will like it. I don’t see why everyone wouldn’t love it. Thank you, Joseph Sciuto.


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