“The Laws OF Medicine” by Siddhartha Mukherjee (acclaimed author of “The Emperor of all Maladeries” and “The Gene”) is a short, engrossing, intellectually stimulating discussion that focuses on “medicine” as an uncertain science that despite all the technological advances still needs to rely on a one on one, doctor-patient, relationship to achieve a correct diagnosis and experimental certainty… There are simply too many variables in medicine to rely totally on technology to achieve accurate results. A patient’s history, behavior, environment, and family history are just a few things that are important in treating a patient’s illness and in running experimental trials that give you more perfect and correct result. Medicine, unlike physics, is an uncertain science and in order for it to continue to evolve it needs to look at all possible factors in treating patients and running important trials and not to rely solely on technology.51qwjnfvbfl._sx377_bo12c2042c2032c200_

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