“The Christmas Town” By Donna VanLiere is a wholesome and cheerful story about a young lady, Lauren, who has lived with different foster families throughout her life but has never really had a family she could her own, especially not at Christmas.  She works at a grocery store as a cashier and one night before going back to her apartment, which she shares with a roommate, she decides to drive to the next town which is about an hour away. At a stop light, she witnesses a hit and run and calls 911.

That call would change her life as she is called back to the town to identify the hit and run driver, and in so doing gets to know many of the town’s citizens. She gets involved in a charity organization that helps struggling families who have children and helps organize a Christmas auction. She becomes a hit with the children and together they form a “sing-a-thon” to help attract people to the auction.
“The Christmas Town” is in no way Charles Dickens or Truman Capote, but it is uplifting and definitely helps one get into the Christmas spirit.51jblsUl4tL._SX375_BO1,204,203,200_

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