“Restoring Christmas” by Kate Kasch is a wonderful and cheerful book that will no doubt put you in the Christmas and Holiday mood. Two estranged sisters, Adrienne and Gretchen Harkins, were both living and working in New York City at the time they receive notices that their family home in Connecticut will be put up for auction the first of the year unless they are able to come up with twenty-five thousand dollars in back taxes. Both sisters have not lived in the house since their parents were killed in an accident 4 years ago on Christmas Eve.

Needless to say, they do not have the money and when they finally get together to drive to the home they find it in very bad shape after 4 years of neglect. Determined to keep the home, they enter a contest to win the best decorated Christmas house in the town. The winning prize is $25,000. Their problem is that they only have 5 days to fix up the house that is in terrible condition, and then decorate the house.
To their surprise, they are helped by people in the town who still remember their parents and especially their father, a bank manager, who gave many of the citizens in the town first time business loans to start their now thriving businesses. This leads to romance, miracles, life changing decisions, and a holiday mood that will leave the reader in a jolly good mood.51tNL4CK2VL


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