PER VERSE VENGEANCE — A Novel by Joseph Sciuto


A Novel by Joseph Sciuto


Hollywood. Las Vegas. Beverly Hills. A world of corrupt movie moguls, heartless kidnappers, and innocent girls sold into slavery by their own families.

A clever play on words, “Per Verse” refers to a love of poetry shared by Nicole Tyler and Nicholas Righetti.

When wounded Kentucky-born beauty, Nicole, ditches her handlers in Las Vegas and sets out to avenge the death of her best friend, her bloody rampage threatens a powerful network of kidnappers and shady businessmen who will stop at nothing to protect their own interests.

Bent on toppling their illegal enterprise and determined to save her sister from becoming its latest victim, Nicole has no time for a handsome movie producer and returning soldier, Nick Righetti, whose attentions threaten to distract her from her mission.

A gripping tale about love, family, and the poetics of revenge, Per Verse Vengeance moves briskly between Las Vegas, Kentucky, Beverly Hills and Hollywood on the trail of a young woman who must decide between getting even and opening her heart.


Joseph Sciuto returns to the tawdry side of Hollywood where the rich and famous rub shoulders with the criminal and unprincipled.  Occasionally, those four traits belong to the same people.

Following the success of HOLLYWOOD RIPTIDE and TARGETED DEMOGRAPHICS, Sciuto explores the hidden side of Hollywood in PER VERSE VENGEANCE, a play on words about the poetry verses mixed with murder.

A longtime Hollywood resident, Sciuto’s career provides him with inside information on the workings and players of the entertainment industry.

PER VERSE VENGEANCE is available online and at fine bookstores.  See more at  ,  


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