What can I say? It had been over twenty years since I read anything by Albert Camus, and after reading “The Plague” I can honestly say that I waited much too long. Camus’ “The Plague” is a breathtaking, scintillating, philosophical journey that I will not soon forget. It is a writer at the very top of his game. It is a brilliant piece of literature that a Professor could spend an entire semester teaching. It is a metaphorical masterpiece that can be debated and analyzed to the end of time like Dante’s “Inferno.” It is a book at once detached from its subject, and at the same time deeply and personally involved. It is a novel without a hero and at the same time has many heroes. Its villain, the plague, is at times its hero. Only a writer with supreme confidence and amazing ability could pull this off and not only produce a brilliant novel but a masterpiece. The translation by Stuart Gilbert from French to English is superb.

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