James Baldwin’s “The Fire Next Time” is more a brilliant, masterfully constructed Supreme Court Opinion than it is a novel. And whereas I truly loved his analysis and opinions of the Negro problem in America, I still prefer his old fashion, novels with the numerous unforgettable characters, boundary breaking storylines, and sublime and poetic writing style.

In 2015, my great contemporary literary discovery was Don Delillo; and now in 2017 and 18 my great, contemporary, literary discovery is James Baldwin. Sadly, neither man ever won a Pulitzer prize and unless a miracle happens and they give Mr. DeLillo Nobel Prize neither man would have won a Nobel Peace Prize. Simply too busy giving out the prize to Bob Dylan.
“The Fire Next Time” might not be for everyone, but it is, in my opinion, just another wonderful addition and indication of how great a writer and thinker Mr. Baldwin truly was… And forever will be remembered as such.

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