One of my favorite novels. Always in my top five lists of all time. The novel that I have probably read the most times. Hemingway is what I like to call a “thinking man’s author.” Unless you are willing to think beyond the written word you will never fully appreciate the brilliance of Mr. Hemingway. In “The Sun Also Rises” and “A Farewell to Arms”(not to mention his great short stories) this concept of thinking beyond the written word is most prevalent and most masterfully displayed. Every single character in “The Sun Also Rises”is a mystery and, after finishing the novel, one is left thinking “I wonder what happened next to that character.”

Lady Ashley is my favorite female character in all of literature. She is real, uncompromising, and yet a mystery to the very end. She is a siren with a heart or maybe without a heart?

Hemingway, unlike such great authors as Lawrence, Proust, Dickens, Tolstoy and Fitzgerald, could describe a scene, a setting, using half the words that these wonderful writers would use and yet be as poignant and vivid as any writer. His descriptions of the bull fights at Pamplona and the fiesta are chilling and as splendid as anything I have had the pleasure to read.

Tomorrow, July 2, marks the day Hemingway died. He once said, “The only thing a person takes with him when he dies, is what he left behind” and in his case he left behind brilliant novels and masterful short stories that never fail to amaze and astonish me.

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