Mr. Sciuto delivers another KNOCKOUT with his latest novel “Targeted Demographics.” I simply love the way this author writes – whether it is short pieces or books – his writing is always clear and beautiful, and the narrative flows like a lovely, bubbling stream on a sun filled day. The characters are richly developed and in the end they leave the reader wondering and dreaming about what happens next in their lives.

“Targeted Demographics” explores the deceitful lies advertisers tell in order to recruit potential customers to buy their products. The character of Nancy, a dangerous and beautiful genius, rebuffs the lies and fights back. The main character and narrator is a advertising guru, Joseph Rossetti, whose motto is simply, “It is okay if I know it is a lie as long as my targeted audience believes the lie and buys the product.” He has made a lot of money but he has never come up against anything like Nancy. The chemistry between the two is combustible and deadly.

I strongly recommend this great novel.

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