James Baldwin’s “Another Country.”

James Baldwin’s “Another Country” is a brilliant, unflinching, remarkable novel. It is often said “That one should not judge others, until you have walked in their shoes.” Never has such a statement been so vividly brought to life  than in this book. Mr. Baldwin makes the reader feel exactly what it is like to be an outsider… A black person, a homosexual, a female… In a white man’s world.

I have often compared Mr. Baldwin’s books to Martin Scorsese’ movies. They both reveal a realism that is frightening and can only be achieved by artists extremely familiar with the material. The characters are complex, sexually, morally, racially, and yet they are as real as any characters you could ever hope to encounter. The writing is sublime and the structure and narrative are the work of a true craftsman and master.
I cannot recommend this book enough. This is great literature and it is as relevant today as it was when published in 1961.

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