Graham Greene’s “The Comedians.”

Graham Greene’s “The Comedians” is a enthralling, gripping, and cryptic novel. It ranks, for me, as one of the best novels I have read by this amazing author, alongside “The Quiet American” and “Our Man in Havana.”

Mr Greene uses historical backgrounds, such a pre -US. involvement in Vietnam, Post World War 2 Germany, and in “The Comedians” the Haitian takeover by Papa Doc as well as any novelists.

The characters in “The Comedians” are so fascinating and mysterious that they almost remind one of Hemingway characters. Mr. Greene gives you just enough to keep you searching and searching. Like Hemingway, he teases his reader and never under estimates the knowledge of his audience. His writing is superb and I highly, highly, recommend “The Comedians.” A MARVELOUS PIECE OF WRITING!

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