Thomas Mann’s “Confessions of Felix Krull, Confidence Man.”

Thomas Mann’s “Confessions of Felix Krull, Confidence Man” is an extremely witty, funny, and entertaining novel. In the three main characteristics that I use to judge a novel, story/plot, writing, and characters, it exceeds profusely. The story is as imaginative as one could hope for and it’s as funny as any book I have read. It’s Woody Allen to the extreme, times 10. The writing is sublime, descriptive, and inspiring. The translation by Denver Lindley is nothing short of superb. The characters are unforgettable, right down to the smallest and inconsequential characters. And the character of “Felix Krull” is so remarkable and memorable that he already ranks as one of favorite literary characters of all time. Felix, blessed with alarming good looks, and a wish to be seen as an aristocrat leads the reader through a series of insane seductions and situations that are both hilarious and unforgettable. This is truly a marvelous piece of literature, absolutely brilliant.

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