Walter Isaacson’s, “Einstein: His Life and Universe.”

The name itself, Einstein, invokes reverence, awe, fear, intimidation, and so much more. Arguably, the most recognizable name in the civilized world. Even people who know nothing about the man, know enough that if one is lucky enough to be compared with the man it means that you possess a certain amount of intelligence.

Walter Isaacson’s, “Einstein: His life and Universe” is a comprehensive and wonderful portrayal and study of the man whose genius very likely has had the greatest effect and impact on the 20th century and beyond. Finally, I can say that I have some understanding of Einstein’s “Theory of Relativity” and his many other theories. Mr. Isaacson takes great pains, and exceeds brilliantly in explaining the complexities of Einstein’s theories.

And he goes one step further, and gives us a vivid look into the life and beliefs of this extraordinary and conscientious human being, whose generosity, gentleness, and caring had no limits like the ever expanding universe.

I cannot recommend this book highly enough for aspiring scientists, history buffs, and for any person interested in enhancing their own lives and seeing the world just a little bit differently. Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful!

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